Municipal Project Reference

GHSU Laney Walker Blvd Streetscape Project

This was a streetscape project for Georgia Health Sciences University.  The project number was XT-11-30.  We worked closely with the designer, HGOR, and the civil engineer, Shields Engineering, to provide a basemap survey of approximately half a mile of main road in downtown Augusta.  Our end product was a four page existing condition survey on 24x36 paper.  We tied the project to the HARN Network in the City of Augusta.  Close attention to detail was required.  Existing Storm and Sewer utilities are very difficult to determine in a city with conflicting records.
Survey was completed October 24, 2011.
DeKalb Central Processing Library Project

This was a muncipal project for Dekalb County Public Library System.  We worked directly with the Library system as well as the architect, Leo A Daly.  We provided a boundary, topographic and tree survey of the existing conditions of a site located on Kensington Road.  We assisted the owners and architect in determining scope of work.  This site had several change orders which we very promptly addressed, working hard to consult on the project from beginning to end.
Survey was completed February 2, 2010.

Georgia DOT Building

This was a municipal project for the Georgia DOT.  The DOT owned the existing building and wanted to have it demolished to construct a parking deck.  We worked closely with the architect, Stevens Wilkinson Stang & Newdow, as well as the civil engineer, Shields Engineering, to provide a boundary, topographic and tree survey of a parcel near the Georgia Capital.  This survey was highly detailed and included locating underground data, part of the I-85 bridge and a pedestrian bridge that accessed the site.  We also continued serving the construction company who provided demolition services, providing needed field expertise on the project from beginning of the demolition to the end.
Survey was completed February, 19, 2009.

Dekalb County Public Library Projects

This was a municipal project for Dekalb County Library System.  This particular project number was 090-10012-000.  We worked closely with the designer and Architect, Leo A Daly, to provide a boundary, topographic and tree survey of a tract of land located in downtown Tucker, Georgia.  This particular project was complicated by the fact that none of the principals on the project realized that the site was not connected to a public sewer system.  I as the lead field consultant and surveyor took it upon myself personally to walk the site and determine the closest sanitary sewer manhole to the site.  We then sent a schematic to Leo A Daly and they agreed that our plan of action was the best solution.  The time and money saved by our firm on this project was critical to this projects success.
Survey was completed September 20, 2007.

Various Projects
This firm has done work directly for the City of Clarkston, the Dekalb County School System, and Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources on both small and large projects ranging from the year 2003 until today.  I have provided you with some of the larger more complicated projects for more detailed review above. 

I have also included a copy of the drawing we provided for the DOT parking deck project and the Tucker Library project.  These drawings are also on the website if you want to review them in greater detail. 

Lastly, before I started my own firm, I was field and office lead on countless projects including the largest dirt moving project in the country, Towne Lake Middle and High School which had cuts and fills of over 100 feet, a sewer inventory project for the City of East Point, and several aviation related projects for Airtran at Hartsfield Airport. your paragraph here.

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